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Our physicians have many years of experience in expert vascular care and treating patients in the community. Each staff member at Richmond Vascular Center, from the physicians to the associate at the front desk, recognize the importance of compassion, privacy, and dignity when treating their patients. From the first visit up until your final check-up, Richmond Vascular Center is here to help.

Radiology Associates of Richmond

Dr. Sanjay Paidisetty at Richmond Vascular Center (Photo)

Sanjay Paidisetty, MD, RPVI
Medical Director | Vascular and Interventional Radiologist




Dr. Spinos suit profile pic

Efstathios Spinos, MS, MD
Neurovascular and Vascular Interventional Radiologist


Dr. Pergolizzi at Richmond Vascular Center (Photo)

Richard Pergolizzi, MD
Neurovascular and Vascular Interventional Radiologist




Ashish Sethi, MD
Vascular and Interventional Radiologist

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