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About Us

Our team strives to make a patient’s entire experience a pleasant one. Our friendly front desk staff work to create a welcome, comfortable, and safe environment for not only our patients, but their family or support group as well.   We encourage feedback and suggestions on your experience at our center.

Our scheduler and insurance coordinator will ensure timely and convenient appointments and make sure all referrals and pre-authorizations are in place prior to your visit.

Our clinical staff includes our Physicians, an Advanced Practice Practitioner, Registered Nurses, Radiological Technologists, and a Registered Vascular Technologist. They understand and appreciate each individual’s circumstances and will always strive to answer all your questions. You can rest comfortably knowing you are in good hands and your experience matters to our team.

All of us here at Richmond Vascular Center appreciate the opportunity and trust you put in us and our center with your care or your family member’s care.  Richmond Vascular Center staff appreciate the trust you have in our team.  Thank you and your family for the opportunity to care for you.

Mission Statement

  • Richmond Vascular Center recognizes the value of every person.
  • We will maintain the highest standards by recruiting and retaining excellent physicians and staff.
  • We will all contribute and be responsible for taking great care of our patients, each other and our Center.
  • We will strive to expand access to underserved populations within the community and offer the best service that we can while providing the highest value of care for all concerned.

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